Choosing an Agent

The most important decision you will make regarding selling your home will be the agent you choose to represent you. 

  • How long has your agent been in the business? 
  • Is your agent familiar enough with your neighbourhood to price your home correctly? 
  • What kind of support staff does he/she have? 
  • If Buyers want to book appointments, how easy is it to contact someone to do so? 
  • Is your agent full-time or part-time? 
  • How thoroughly did you discuss your total plan and objectives for selling? 
  • What educational background and/or work experience does your agent have? 
  • Is the agent continuing to upgrade his/her knowledge of the industry?
  • Lastly and of great importance, is your agent’s strength in negotiating the offer(s). This takes both knowledge and sensitivity. Do they have what it takes?

What Brokerage is the Agent with?

It's very important that the Listing office have a good support staff to assure that it is easy for other agents to book appointments to show your home as well allowing potential Buyers access to whatever information they may need to see your home. We have an effective, efficient and well trained support staff at Chestnut Park.


Once your home is on the market, you want to know that your agent is working with you in order to get your home sold in the expected period of time for current market conditions. You have already reviewed the statistics together and agreed on a selling price. It is important to monitor the response from Buyers and their Agents.

  • Does your agent have good systems in place to respond to showings and Buyer inquiries?
  • Is your agent up to date with current technology to market your home?
  • Are you getting informative feedback from your agent?
  • Does your agent respond to your phone calls or inquiries in a timely fashion?
  • Do you have scheduled meetings to review the progress with selling your home?
  • These are some of the important details that help facilitate the sale of your home.

Deciding Where to Move

Sometimes sellers know exactly where they’d like to move after they’ve sold but often they are still unsure. As Realtors, we can quickly source information from the TREB statistics: sold prices in your neighbourhood, square footage, lot size, proximity to local schools and facilities, transportation, interior photos, etc. All of this information allows you to make a more informed decision on your new home and neighbourhood. Please go to the Buying section of the website for more information on how we can help you in the buying process.

The Listing Process

Once you have decided to list your home for sale, we will discuss what price to list at and the optimum time to bring your home to market. We will have a discussion of whether to set a specific date for offers or allow the market to generate an offer. There are a number of marketing options that we will discuss.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

There are endless T.V. shows now explaining the benefits of preparing and staging your home for the sale. However, a lots of us do not have the time or the talent that the experts have for this large task. After 25+ years in the real estate industry,  we have solid connections to several reputable organizations and staging companies that we can suggest for you to use as part of our RED CARPET SERVICE

During the Selling Process

Together, we will decide on a schedule for showing your home. This information is provided to our support staff to ensure no appointments are lost. The more flexible you are and the more accessible you make your home to Buyers, the greater chance there is to get an offer more quickly. We will discuss how the process of showings works and exactly what responsibilities each person has in this process.

Marketing Your House

Deciding the best and most appropriate channels to advertise and market your home is important. A mix of personal relationships, existing clientele, newspaper/magazine advertising, internet ads, social media and direct marketing are used to give your property maximum exposure.

Open Houses

Agent Open Houses
We always recommend that we have an office tour for the Chestnut Park Office in order to give our agents a chance to view your home before the public. Often agents in the office will already have a client interested in purchasing just such a property. Alternatively, agents can offer more insight into how the house is presented, any changes or repairs that may be needed and give an indication of whether the sale price accurately represents the house in their eyes. Having this insight prior to public showings can save time and ensure that the public sees only the best in your house.  In addition, there will be a designated day to have your home open for agents from other offices in the city of Toronto.

Public Open Houses
We will discuss the pros and cons of allowing the public to come into your home and how I conduct a public open house.


We will review and discuss in advance the clauses that are normally seen in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale in order to familiarize you with the terms used and to discuss the ramifications of various scenarios that may come up during the offer process. We will also discuss the process of how offers are reviewed and what happens if you get multiple offers for you home.

Should You Sell First or Buy First?

Some people prefer to buy before they sell and others prefer to sell first and buy later. We will talk about how each scenario can impact your situation and how market conditions dictate which might work best for you.

After Sales Service

Our relationship doesn't end after we've helped you sell your property. We ensure we stay in contact with you to advise you of any pertinent information you will need to complete your transaction including finding a Real Estate lawyer, contacting moving services, cleaning services, personal concierge, help with utilities and anything else that may arise to aid in your transition from your property.